Vortrag “Minority Stress and Mental Health among Same-Sex Couples”, 17.6.

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Dienstag, den 17. Juni 2014, 18-20 Uhr c.t.
IPN-Hörsaal, Olshausenstr. 62

Minority Stress and Mental Health among Same-Sex Couples

Prof. Dr. Allen J. LeBlanc,
Health Equity Institute, San Francisco State University (USA)

Vortrag Minority Stress and Mental Health among Same-Sex CouplesStress research typically focuses on individual experience, and not on shared experience. We study the relational context of stress, focusing on experiences of sexual minority stress among same-sex couples in the U.S. Couples in Atlanta and San Francisco (N = 120) participated in dyadic interviews using a relationship timeline methodology to elicit narratives of shared stress associated with significant events or experiences in their time together. Narratives demonstrate that same-sex couples experience unique forms of couple-level minority stress that occurs above and beyond the individual-level minority stress experiences of either partner. We describe these previously
unaccounted for couple-level minority stressors; highlight the utility of qualitative methods for examining the relational context of stress; and illustrate how this research extends minority stress theory.

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